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The political philosopher, Hannah Arendt said, "The German bureaucracy could have brought Hitler down in a few weeks in 1933. All they had to do was stay home from work." Would you go on strike to bring action to slow climate change?

Will you help organize a 350 action in your town?

How can we restore the Bill of Rights and the rule of law?

Would you travel to Washington or Ottawa or elsewhere to take part in a nonviolent demonstration?

Or would you do so in your community?

Have your say on camera

Teachers and students    Your class can do this!

This spellbinding film is a work of passionate militancy and rare beauty. A rush of breathtaking images wash you through the nightmare ---or is it the insanity?--- that has been inflicted on America and the world.

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Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop The Machine

“Responding to climate change requires that we break every rule in the free-market playbook and that we do so with great urgency. We will need to rebuild the public sphere, reverse privatizations, relocalize large parts of economies, scale back overconsumption, bring back long-term planning, heavily regulate and tax corporations, maybe even nationalize some of them, cut military spending and recognize our debts to the global South.

“Of course, none of this has a hope in hell of happening unless it is accompanied by a massive, broad-based effort to radically reduce the influence that corporations have over the political process. That means, at a minimum, publicly funded elections and stripping corporations of their status as ’people’ under the law. In short, climate change supercharges the pre-existing case for virtually every progressive demand on the books, binding them into a coherent agenda based on a clear scientific imperative.”

    Naomi Klein



“This is the Alberta Tar Sands complex. It’s the biggest, dirtiest, most ecologically destructive oil extraction operation on Earth. It has turned hundreds of square miles of  northern Alberta into a raped and stinking tar pit. It siphons billions of gallons of pure Athabasca River water and turns it to toxic sludge. It feeds a 50-square-mile poisonous, carcinogenic lake, in which nothing can live. It’s a hideous, filthy moonscape of industrial junk and garbage, in a pristine wilderness. It is the single most gargantuan source of climate changing CO2 in North America.”

The caveats voiced about Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine, by the same filmmakers, apply here too.

There is gratuitous, off-putting attitude ——for example, “Our phony democracy is a sick joke”—— which weakens their case, but  they have the big picture.

James Hansen
The Director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, sums up the science of climate change, and tells why he commits civil disobedience to stop it.

The Alberta Tar Sands
The beauty of Alberta’s wilderness and the grim reality of what is happening to it. The photigrapher is Garth Lenz.

Meet the king of the climate-change deniers. For the in-depth story, and a summary of climate and climate justice by Naomi Klein, click here.

Student organizers in Quebec discuss how more than 150 thousand students were mobilized not only to oppose tuition increases but to oppose government cuts across the board and to strike to preserve public services. The strike succeeded, as the key demands were met and the government of Quebec was brought down.

A key factor was that many student unions are run by direct democracy, in which the highest governing body is a general assembly.


The chart above is from Michael Tobis (and Stephen Ban) via Joe Romm. Romm says, “It is probably time to update that chart, since our inaction has shifted ‘most informed opinion’ to overlap almost exactly with ‘Considered Unreasonable: Not reported.’”

By “informed opinion,” Tobis means “something like ‘people with Ph.D.’s who have spent more than 6 months full time equivalent on the subject.’”

Joe Romm's article, headed by this chart, considers the shift in tone in the writings of climate scientists recently, as they have come to recognize the enormity of the changes in store for the Earth and its inhabitants, and it deals with the fear thus aroused. It reviews journalist Bill Blakemore's amazing piece on how climate scientists and others can deal with and actually utilize their fear:

‘Hug the Monster’ for Realistic Hope
in Global Warming

(or How to Transform Your Fearful Inner Climate)

“We have nothing to fear… but fear itself!” — FDR’s most famous words. Soon after he was elected president in the midst of the Great Depression, he delivered them before the newsreel cameras with an intentionally determined and jaunty self-confidence.

Refreshing words in these times when demagogues whip up fear as a means of controlling people. Click below right for more.

Hug the Monster

The earth changes constantly, and “occasionally it changes wildly, as when an asteroid strikes or an ice age relaxes its grip. This is one of those rare moments.” Bill McKibben
From Bill McKibben's
2012 Twitter feed 
Aug 11 Soon we may see ‘the iconic moment when we look at satellite images and see no sea ice in the Arctic, just open water.’ ...

Aug 11 During record drought, huge amounts of midwest water being diverted to help oil industry drill more wells …

Aug 10 Record heat in SoCal, brushfires spreading. 109 degrees in Woodland Hills …

Aug 10 Temps reach 113 degrees in southern Spain, wildfires across southern Europe,,16159733,00.html …

Aug 10 Beijing scientists warn global warming is causing floods that overwhelm China’s infrastructure. …

Aug 10 So far in 2012, we’ve had the warmest March on record, 3rd warmest April, 2nd warmest May, and warmest July’ …

Aug 10 Corn crop lowest since at least 1995, govt. says--’devastating consequences’ for hungry people around the world …

Aug 10 70% of Iowa in ‘extreme or exceptional’ drought. That’s a lot of corn fields …

Aug 10 91% of Nebraska in drought. Thinking hard of our brave friends there who fought Keystone #noxkl …

Aug 10  Neck-high water now mostly knee-deep in Manila, but authorities struggling to provide aid …

Aug 10 Extreme heatwave in Central Europe; Croatia reporting more than half crops lost …

Aug 9 At least 850k ‘stranded or displaced’ in Manila flooding amid epic rains …

Aug 9 US drought causing food prices to ‘surge’ worldwide. …

Aug 9 78% of the country in drought, almost 1/4 of the U.S. ‘extremely or exceptionally’ parched …

Aug 9 More than half of Manila was submerged by flooding …

Aug 8 OK wildfire survivor “It was a fire tornado. It came from every direction. There was nothing but fire.” …

Aug 8 July hottest month ever recorded in U.S. …

Aug 7 11 dead in S. Korean heatwave, longest streak of hot nights ever recorded there …

Aug 6 Bureaucrats at Intl Energy Agency warn of ‘Miami Beach in Boston’ unless climate change slows (and what about Miami?) …

Aug 6 SF Chevron refinery on fire, residents ordered to turn off AC, ‘shelter in place.’ …

Aug 5 “Thousands on the move” in OK fleeing wildfires, as temps go above 100 for 19th straight day …

Aug 5 SD corn farmer: “We’ll have to decide if it’s worth the price of the fuel to even run the combine” to harvest …

Aug 5 Jim Hansen: “This is not some scientific theory. We are now experiencing scientific fact.” …

Aug 5 Record-breaking water temps in rivers, lakes across Midwest; large fish kills …

Aug 5 Jason Box @climate_ice June 2012, warmest on record for Greenland’s capital Nuuk since at least 1866 when continuous record keeping began, +7.2 C vs +4.3 C average

Aug 5 OK: “monster” fire “devours” 91 square miles …

Aug 5 India’s 4th drought in 11 years …

Aug 4 Blazes in 11 OK counties, OKC hits record 113 degrees

Aug 3 New all-time Asia temp record apparently set: 128.5 degrees …

Aug 3 Hottest year on record in lower 48 …

Aug 3 In the Punjab--India’s Grain Belt--rainfall 70% below average …

Aug 3 Army Corps “dredging round the clock” in effort to keep drought-shrunk Mississippi navigable …

Aug 2 Drought continues to worsen, 2/3 of the U.S. affected  

Aug 2 Indonesian soy prices up 33% in last month, causing clashes with police--remember, it’s a globalized world  

Aug 2 After record drought, N Korea now hit with wild flooding  

Aug 2 typhoon brings...five feet of ran to taiwan?  

Aug 2 Warmest year on record so far for Illinois, 98 of 102 counties now disaster areas,0,3936680.story  

Aug 2 More than half of US counties now disaster zones due to drought  

Aug 1 Record snow melt in the Austrian Alps

Aug 1 25,000 new record high temps in U.S so far this year, outpacing record lows 9-1

July 28  Drought and scorching temperatures in Eastern Europe from Poland to Romania 

 July 26 Many congrats to Exxon on a $15 billion second quarter profit, maybe they can buy another planet with it 

July 26 Jul St. Louis records 11th day above 105 degrees, the most ever 

July 24 Massive rainfall leaves 35 dead in Nigeria flooding 

July 24 Ukraine, Europe’s largest corn grower, expects yields to fall 23% in the heat 

July 24 20 million people displaced in Bangladeshi flooding 

July 24 Arctic sea ice has greatest June loss on record 

July 23 ‘extreme melt’ underway on Greenland this summer, reports Jason Box @climate_ice 

July 21 Heaviest rains in at least 6 decades in Beijing & #connectthedots

July 19 Grain prices set new highs--drought could October? 

July 18 Extreme Greenland heat has doubled record flow of rivers leading from the ice sheet. Scary pictures 

July 18 Record heat in the one place you’d least want it: at the summit of the Greenland ice sheet. Yikes. 

July 18 1/3 of American counties now disaster areas due to drought 

July 18 Morocco sets all-time natl heat record, 121.3 degrees 

July 18 Japanese researchers find ice turning to ‘consistency of sherbet’ on Greenland glaciers. 

July 18 Drought a ‘horror story’ sez Purdue expert ‘I see an increasing number of fields that will produce zero grain.’ 

July 18 14 major cities set new highs yesterday, 100s from St. Louis to Syracuse 

July 17 400k homeless in Indian flooding, second round feared 

July 17 Northern Mexico drought truly ruinous, locals say it’s worse than drug war violence

July 17 Northern Mexico drought truly ruinous, locals say it’s worse than drug war violence

July 16 Greenland glacier calves a chunk twice the size of Manhattan 

July 16 N. Hemisphere snow cover 1 million sq kilometers below all-time previous record 

July 16 Price of corn surging in Africa because of midwest drought 

July 15 Worst drought in a century in N, S Korea, Pyongyang reports record highs, soldiers dumping buckets of water on fields 

July 14 Japanese rains just crazy: 400,000 evacuated! 20 dead 

July 13 Corn price nears all-time high, only ‘teaser rains’ in forecast 

July 12 S. Oregon wildfire passes 455,000 acres & (biggest in country?)

July 12 Smoke from Siberia’s wildfires turns Vancouver hazy 

uly 12 Siberia in flames, check out the NASA image 

July 11 1000 counties, 26 states, biggest disaster declaration in USDA history & h/t @nyrbLit

July 9 w/out global warming odds are we’d see one more hot stretch like this between now and 124,652 AD 

July 9 U.S. beats record for warmest six months. USA! USA! 

July 8 Does this make you feel any cooler? Mecca broke its all time heat record last month: 124.5 degrees. 

uly 8 Korean peninsula in worst drought in at least 105 years 

uly 7 Horrible Russian flooding, 11 inches rain in a few hours, more than a hundred dead & ‘it came so fast’

July 6 Dozens pass out from heat at Obama speech, apparently he doesn’t notice since no word about climate 

July 5 13 states in the 100s, heatwave will last thru weekend, 174 cities set new records 

July 4 Astonishing pictures of the flooding in Assam--millions out of their homes 

July 3 72% of nation dry/drought-ridden. That’s, like, a high percentage! 

July 2 It’s not hot everywhere--in Britain they just had the rainiest June in their (long) history & HT @skintnick

July 2 2 million out of their homes in flooding in Assam, most sheltering under tarps 

July 2 Heat in the East rivals that of ‘Saudia Arabia along the Red Sea’ at its worst. 

July 1 “No point in listing or even attempting to summarize new heat records”--weather historian Christopher Burt 

June 30 so far this year? 35,000 new high temp records.,0,1202636.story 

Bill McKibben is the go-to person for info about climate change and what to do about it.
His Twitter feed, during the heat wave or waves, and other waves (drought, fire, flood, and environmental activism) this summer and spring, provides an extraordinarily illuminating overview. It shows us major happenings we likely missed during this bigger-than-history time.
His work draws on wide-ranging knowledge and experience and a deep well of sanity.
You can
 download a pdf file of more of McKibben’s Tweets of summer, 2012, or
click here to link to his actual Twitter feed.,,16159733,00.html,,16159733,00.html,,16159733,00.html,0,3936680.story,0,3936680.story,0,3936680.story,0,3936680.story,0,3936680.story,0,1202636.story,0,1202636.story,0,1202636.story,0,1202636.story

It’s Your Future

This is not television. But it’s a scream.





“It’s one thing to have a good number of really off-the-wall people denying the science and running around debunking the climate issue, but to have the whole Republican convention go up in peals of laughter at the idea that somebody would want to do something about it, as a priority, was really chilling.”

       Gus Speth, author of America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy



“In a sane society, the melting of Antarctica would be in the headlines every day.”

    Peter Furst




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